In the context of the CAROTS EU-project, a network of mediators have been started. Mediators are commercially oriented entities specialized in servicing industrial companies with analysis, measurement services and experiments at synchrotrons and neutron facilities. They operate on a commercial basis in a client-customer relationship independent of facilities and universities but collaborating with both.



We are experts in chemistry which we apply in industrial settings combining the scientific method with business understanding and knowledge impact. Our core technical expertise addresses the structure-performance relationship, via e.g. XRPD XRPD, SAXS/WAXS, NMR, surface characterisation methods and electrochemistry.


We offer services within product development, test and quality control, having specialists covering a wide range of sectors. X-ray and neutron analysis may provide unique product insight and the tools are used as an integrated part of the problem-solving.


We offer synchrotron radiation-based structural and microstructural analyses to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Under full confidentiality, we handle sample preparation, method definition, data collection, reprocessing, analysis and interpretation and deliver detailed experimental reports that suit the customers' specific needs.


Finden helps companies fast track their R&D through nuanced application of conventional and advanced characterisation.  We have expertise across a range of materials systems and work with clients across sectors covering energy materials, industrial chemistry and catalysis, automotive and others.


Novitom specialises in 3D material characterisation and advanced NDT using cutting-edge technologies, such as synchrotron-based microtomography and microdiffraction. We provide full-service solutions including in situ testing, customised analysis, R&D support, software development and training to meet industry needs.


RISE aim to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation capacity of Swedish industry by making neutron- and photon-based technologies at large-scale research infrastructures more readily available through a combination of internal expertise and professional partners.


SARomics Biostructures provides specialist services in structural biology and drug discovery to the biotech and pharma industries, including synchrotron X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy. Our drug discovery services include computational chemistry and fragment library screening using our proprietary weak-affinity chromatography (WACTM).


With its 20-year-expertise in Research & Development, Science-S.A.V.E.D. offers a full support to industrials: helping for the choice of best techniques (Neutron or Synchrotron Light), contacting scientists in research facilities, managing teams for experiment fulfillment, customising analysis for industrial needs


We apply a wide set of techniques (XPS, SAXS/WAXS, tomography…) for studies of materials and industrial processes. By working closely together with beamline scientists, university experts, traditional labs and workshops, we are able to carry out synchrotron-based investigations worldwide.


Xploraytion provides synchrotron-µCT and XRF analysis as a service. Bridging the gap between synchrotron-based analytics and R&D demand, we offer not just consultancy, but a comprehensive all-round package: from sample preparation, data collection, analysis and visualisation to the final reporting.